Popcorn RemovalRemoval of a textured ceiling, or what is commonly referred to as ‘popcorn,’ often becomes more of a renovation job than a home owner anticipates. It is very time consuming and messy – especially when you don’t have the expertise or proper tools.  There are numerous factors to consider and understand when removing your popcorn ceiling texture:

  • You will require special equipment – respirators, eye protection, scaffolding or ladders, and so on.
  • Removal is even more difficult if your ceiling has been painted since the original spray.
  • Doing the removal yourself may increase the cost of your project.  Because homeowner’s lack the technique and special industrial equipment, often there is damage to the drywall (or sometimes other parts of your home – furniture, walls, floor) during the removal process that will need to be repaired before a new texture can be applied.
  • Homeowners do not have the expertise to know if the ceiling insulation or drywall will need replacing.  Therefore, the removal process may have been quicker by knowing if large pieces of the ceiling needed to be replaced or accessed.

When considering popcorn ceiling removal, you should let the professionals handle it. Big Al’s has over 20 years of experience with popcorn ceilings and we know how to make the removal process efficient, clean and headache free.

Reasons to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

  1. Updated ceilings instantly add value to your property.
  2. Smooth ceiling texture add natural light to your living space.
  3. The flat surface ceilings do not trap allergens and dust and can be cleaned if needed. Popcorn ceilings are associated with aggravating asthma symptoms.
  4. Smooth ceilings texture finishes (knockdown, orange peel, etc.) have greater visual appeal than textured ceiling.